iPhone Charging Becomes Faster if You Change Device Region to France: Report

iPhone handsets, especially older models, are known to see a notable depreciation in charging speeds. However, a report now claims that changing the region of older iPhone models to France can improve their performance by making them run smoother and faster. This is because Apple has been fined by France for frequency reduction. Apple is said to intentionally slow down the performance of older iPhone units to preserve their battery life. This first came to light in December 2017. After an inquiry, the French competition watchdog DGCCRF fined Apple EUR 25 million (roughly Rs. 218.32 crores) in February 2020 for failing to let users know that updating the software on their devices could result in slow performance.

According to the report by MyDrivers (in Chinese), while Apple paid the fine in France, it didn’t have to do the same in many other regions including China. However, the tech giant had to reduce the price of replacement batteries and introduce a system to allow users to see the health of the battery.

Following these steps, many believed the performance-related issues in iPhone were resolved. However, it appears that this is not the case, stated the report.

The report said that after the region was changed to France on an old iPhone, it showed enhanced, smoother performance. But running a similar test on the new iPhone 12 Pro made no difference. This showed that new iPhone models are not affected by this hack. The report did not specify how many phones were tested to reach this conclusion.

Apple in 2017 accepted that it slowed down old iPhone modelss to prioritise battery life over performance and apologised for it but denied that the slowdown of the older phones was a ploy to spur sales.

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